University of Information and Communication Technology Delegation Visited and Worked at Feng Chia University, Taiwan

 Accepting the invitation of the Board of Directors of Feng Chia University (FCU), Taiwan, on 29 August, 2014 a delegation of University of Information and Communication Technology (ICTU) led by Assoc. Prof. Pham Viet Binh – Rector of the university visited and worked with FCU, and its affiliated colleges and centers.

After arriving Taichung airport, the delegation was immediately picked up to the first working session with Feng Chia University. Prof. Bing Jean Lee – President of FCU spent time working with the delegation. In the meeting there was also the active participation of the Board of Directors, Dean of International Affairs, FCU affiliated colleges’ rectors, especially Prof. Chyi Ren Dow – Dean of College of Information and Electrical Engineering, Prof. Tien Yin Chou –  Director of GIS.FCU Research Center.

On behalf of the ICTU delegation, Assoc. Prof. Pham Viet Binh expressed his appreciation for the warm and friend welcome, and the scientific and effective working morale of FCU representatives. End of the meeting, Prof. Bing Jean Lee and Assoc. Prof. Pham Viet Binh agreed on some important cooperation issues.

     1. Cooperation in training

– FCU will support ICTU to develop some courses to integrate into ICTU training programs belonging to areas which are the strengths of FCU. FCU also helps ICTU to develop some new majors towards the world’s development tendency on science and technology, such as Data Security, Geographic Information System, Bioinformatics, Cloud Computing, and Sensor Networks.

– The FCU professors will take part in supervising or co-supervising dissertations and theses of graduate and PhD candidates of ICTU.

– FCU continues granting the scholarships for graduate and PhD students from all affiliated institutions of Thai Nguyen University. According to the plan, a professor delegation from FCU will to organize an interview at ICTU in November, 2014.

– FCU will also arrange for young researchers from ICTU to the study in the labs of professors at FCU for 3-6 months.

 2. Cooperation in scientific research and technology transfer

– Both parties will collaborate to establish a GIS Research Center in Thai Nguyen to deploy a number of scientific research projects and technology transfer in Vietnam, such as building a smart urban model, high-tech farming model in agriculture, and natural disaster-warning model. The above issues have already got the technological platform for deployment, and have been successfully tested at FCU, such as sensor systems, spatial cameras to collect data, integration and satellites communications systems to send signals from monitoring stations back to the Center, and hardware devices and software tools for analyzing multimedia data.

– Both parties will prepare the research proposal for FIRST project of Ministry of Science and Technology of Vietnam.

– The two parties agreed to hold a symposium on geographic data processing and spatial data processing with the participation of leading experts in the world coming from the USA and Taiwan.

After discussion, the President of FCU assigned Dean of College of Information and Electrical Engineering, and Director of GIF.FCU Research Center to continue discussing the details of the agreed contents.

After meeting with FCU leaders, ICTU delegation continued to work with Director and professors of GIS.FCU Center. Prof. Tien Yin Chou, Director of the Center, had clarified cooperation contents proposed by ICTU, and also introduced to ICTU the results that the Center has achieved, and the experience and strengths of the research groups. The ICTU delegation also visited and listened to the introduction about a number of labs of in-depth research groups of the Centre, such as the research group for developing UAV, research group for spatial data analysis and processing, and research group for development of models of wireless communications technology.

In the afternoon of 29 August, ICTU delegation attended a solemn and meaningful event that is the 20th Foundation Anniversary of GIS.FCU Research Center (29/8/1994 – 29/8/2014). Attending this anniversary, there were a number of delegations who are the Center’s partners coming from China, the USA, Taiwan, especially the Minister of Science and Technology of Taiwan came to address his congratulation words. On behalf of the ICTU delegation Assoc. Prof. Pham Viet Binh Vietnam gave a congratulation speech and emphasized the special cooperation between ICTU and the Centre.

The delegation also paid a visit and worked at College of Information and Electrical Engineering. Prof. Chyi Ren Dow – Dean of the college has taken ICTU delegation to visit many important labs of Department of Electronics Engineering, Department of Communications Technology, Department of Bioinformatics and Biomedical Engineering, and Database Server System and Security Center. During the meeting, the professors also expressed willingness to share the experience and cooperate with the lecturers of ICTU.

Within the working schedule, ICTU delegation also was taken to visit some historic and scenic places in the Taipei Capital by the leaders of GIS.FCU Research Center, such as Museum of National History, Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Area, and Taipei 101-floor Tower where the elevator is the world’s fastest Guiness recognition. In Taichung, ICTU delegation visited Ling Quan Chan Monastery, witnessed a great architectural work of Taichung city – crossroads of civilizations and cultures of the world. The delegation also visited the Sun and Moon Lake – a renowned scenic area having spiritual significance to the Taiwanese, a destination that a tourist to Taiwan can not be ignored. In particular, the delegation visited the monitoring station of national disaster warning by GIS.FCU Research Center. This model can be applied in Vietnam. The experts of the Centre introduced scale, communications technology to collect real-time data from existing systems which have been implemented to warning flash flood and landslide earthquake for regions with frequent happenings.

The visit took place in a short time but has gained the expected results. ICTU delegation quickly assimilated into the precise and effective working style of researchers from FCU, and both parties also shared empathy and openness in exchanging ideas implemented cooperation. From these two exchanges, the two parties will deploy specific tasks in the next period. The cooperation program between ICTU and FCU will bring mutual understanding, friendship closeness for the development between the two universities in particular and the community of scientists, students, PhD students of both Vietnam and Taiwan in general.

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