Mr. Kurushima-Vice Rector of Japan Yokohama Technoauto College comes to work with ICTU

Deploying the project of International Cooperation in building the major of automotive electronics, on June 14th ,2013, accepting the invitation of the Board of Management of the University of Information & Communication Technology (ICTU), Mr. Kurushima – Vice Rector of  Yokohama Technoauto College (YTC) Japan visited and worked with the University.

During the business trip, the two leaders exchanged and agreed to many important issues to implement cooperation projects: Completion of records and the procedures to send the staff of the ICTU to study at YTC; Time and schedule for completing the training program in Japanese; the process of studying major at YTC; The expenditure and material conditions for serving the course. 

In the afternoon, Mr. Kurushima tested the Japanese language proficiency of the ICTU officials before studying at YTC. He appreciated the effort, and endeavour and the achievement of students though time is relatively short. Besides, he introduced the training programs in automotive electronics at YTC and talked to students about the content, methods and training objectives of the major of electronics at the college at the present to build the suitable and most effective curriculum.

At the end of the meeting, Dr. Pham Viet Binh directed staffs, and teachers who are sent to study at YTCthat they need to complete quicklythe Japanese language training program in the country according to plan, to ensure progress of studying at YTC learning  in time. The efforts to overcome difficulties, serious learning, knowledge accumulation to ensure theteaching requirements well after coming back to the country.





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