ICTU Hosted and Worked with Delegates of Department of Technical and Vocational Education – Ministry of Education and Sports, Laos

On 21 September 2014, a delegation of Department of Technical and Vocational Education under Ministry of Education and Sports, Laos led by Mr. Bounpheng Somchanmavong – Deputy Director paid a working visit to ICTU. Accompanying the delegation, there were the Headmasters of Vientiane – Hanoi Friendship Technical and Vocational College; Dongkhamxang Agriculture Technical School; Pacpasak Technical and Vocational College; Khammouane Technical and Vocational College; Technical and Vocational School of Luangprabang; Vientiane Technical and Vocational College.

Welcoming and working with the delegation, ICTU representatives include Assoc. Prof. Pham Viet Binh – Party Secretary, Rector; University Board; Leaders of Faculties, Divisions and Centers belonging to the university.

ictu 1

Discussing cooperation issues between ICTU and Lao delegation

In his speech, Mr. Bounpheng Somchanmavong stated, “Currently, IT training and a number of other areas in Laos have been paid much attention to by the Lao government and assigned to the Ministry of Education and Sports, Laos for deployment. However, there exist many limitations in terms of the content and curriculum of the institutions in Laos, so the purpose of this visit and work at ICTU is to seek support and cooperation in the fields which are strengths of ICTU”. Mr. Bounpheng Somchanmavong also assigned to the Lao institutions’ headmasters to actively propose issues for cooperation with ICTU.

After listening to the proposed initiatives of the partners, Assoc. Prof. Pham Viet Binh and Mr. Bounpheng Somchanmavong have agreed on a number of important cooperation issues:

– ICTU will help Lao schools evaluate existing training programs, adjust some subjects and add some subjects to training programs in the fields which are the strengths of ICTU.

– Annually, ICTU will grant some scholarships for graduates and Ph.D. students from the Lao institutions.

– ICTU agrees to provide admissions and short-term training programmes, and specialized training to assist the officials of Lao institutions to improve their professional qualifications.

– On behalf of the Ministry of Education and Sports, Laos, Mr. Bounpheng Somchanmavong will introduce ICTU to universities, colleges, and vocational schools in Laos to build up and expand partnerships in the future.

ictu 2

Taking a memorial photo with the delegation from the Ministry of Education and Sports, Laos

After the meeting, Assoc. Prof. Pham Viet Binh led the delegation to visit the labs, the library system, and the traditional room of the university. Before parting, on behalf of the delegation, Mr. Bounpheng Somchanmavong expressed his thanks for the warm welcome and hospitality of ICTU. He also wants to host an ICTU delegation to survey and advise institutions in Laos at the soonest time. This milestone marks and reinforces the strong cooperation in the brothership spirit between Vietnam and Laos.

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