Delegation of Feng Chia University (Taiwan) visited and worked with Information and Communication Technology University

At the invitation of the Management Board of Information and Communication Technology University (ICTU), the delegation of leaders representing  Feng Chia University-Taiwan(FCU) has visited and worked from 09 to 11 June , 2014.

The delegation of FCU led byProf. Chuang Chien Chiu, Deputy Director of FCU; Prof. Tien Yin Chou, Director of GIS center; Prof. Pei Liu, head of International Cooperation; Prof. Chyi Ren Dow, Rector of Information Technology – Electronics under FCU and PhD candidate Hoang Thanh Van, international cooperation specialist.

The first meeting in ICTU with the participation of Prof.Dr. Dang Kim Vui, Director of Thai Nguyen University, the delegation of FCU had made a good impression on the method of organization and working with scientific style, a open-hearted friendly exchange of ICTU. The Board of Management of two Universities discussed several important issues, building a comprehensive partnership program in long-term effectively includes:

– The two sides agreed to establish the research center for Geographic Information System (GIS) at ICTU to coordinate research and transfermodern technology from the FCU applied in Vietnam.

– In 2014, the two partners organized plan for 01 international scientific seminar at ICTU with the reporters who are leading researchers from Taiwan and the international partners.

– On the basis of bilateral agreements between the two governments, two Universities designed scientific projectsforlevel of Protocol Vietnam – Taiwan to deploy and coordinate research in the fields that both sides have power.

– In the long term, FCU will help ICTU transfer advanced training programs from FCU to train in Vietnam towards the construction of joint training program between the two Universities (2 +3 or 3 +2 ).

-Professors from the FCU interviewed and decided to grant scholarships for 06 PhD candidateswho are going to study for PhD at FCU in 2014. FCU also agreed to open a number of short-term training courses by topic for lecturers at ICTU. Deputy Director Chiu promises that in the coming years, the University will grantmany scholarships for lecturers and students at ICTU to participate in studying at FCU

The delegation of FCU also visited the campus, the technology centers of ICTU and talked with scientific staffs, students of the University. Prof.Chiu also wrote in the traditional book of Universityto record friendly feelings of Professor as well as members in the delegation about ICTU, expected to open the development of cooperation of the two Universities in the future .

Through the FCU delegation’s visit, two Universities have formed beliefs, friendly relation as the foundation for the development of the two sides.

The ICTU Board of Management assesses that here is an important top priotirty partner in directions of the comprehensive development of the Univerisity.The University will have detailed plans to all lecturers and students in order to promote the staff’s potential and seize opportunities from good cooperation between ICTUand FCU-Taiwan.

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