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Philosophy of education

1. Philosophy of education

“Education is being comprehensive and learner-centered; training digital citizen models; constructing the future; and nurturing compassion.”

2. Content of philosophy of education

– Education is being comprehensive and learner-centered: This is placing learners at the center of all training activities; consider individual learners (with their own qualities and abilities) as both the subject and the target of the training process; strive to personalise the learning process with the aid of modern means and equipment integrated in the digital education ecosystem to develop learners’ autonomy, positivity and creativity.

– Training digital citizen models: learners are digital citizen models spreading the country’s digital transformation process, participating in building a digital society, developing the digital economy in the era of the industrial revolution 4.0 and digital transformation.

– Constructing the future and nurturing compassion: The teacher has the role of leading, inspiring, assisting learners to develop capacity, construct the future; contributing to the development of high-quality digital human resources with compassion, dedicated service to the community, and responsibility to the community, family and society.

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