Library seminar for improving the quality of education and scientific research.

Nowadays, the construction of a modern library and employing it effectively is not a matter easy at many universities. One question is “How is the library an effective bridge between the users and information?  For each university, the library is an essential element and an important prerequisite for ensuring the quality of training.

With the aim to share experiences in the management and administration of information – libraries, on the morning of April 24th, 2014 at the University of Information and Communication Technology Conference, the seminar “Libraries for Improving the Quality of Education and Scientific Research” took place.

Seminar participants included: Dr. Nguyen Huy Chuong – Vice Chairman of Vietnam Library Association and President of Northern Universities Library Association; Mrs. Phan Thu Nga – Director of  Da Nang University Learning Resource Center ; Associate Professor Dr. Nguyen Duy Hoan – Director of Thai Nguyen University Learning Resource Center;  Mrs. Vo Thu Huong – Library Department , Ministry of Culture , Sports and Tourism; Mr. Le Trung Nghia – Director of Promoting the Development of Information Application – Minister of Science and Technology and many of the gentlemen who come from universities and businesses: Ha Noi University of Education 2 , the National Economics University, Ha Noi University of  Science and Technology, Ha Noi University, Vietnam Women’s Academy , Hanoi Culture University , Vinh University , Ho Chi Minh City University of Agriculture and Forestry , and Ho Chi Minh Banking Academy; member institutions of  Thai Nguyen University: University of Economics and Business Administration , University of Medicine and Pharmacy , University of Science , University of Education , University of  Technology, Economic Technical College , Foreign Language Faculty; Representatives of Dai Truong Phat Education Joint-Stock Company, D & L Integration Technology Joint-Stock Company.

Representatives of  University of Information and Communication Technology: Associate Professor Dr. Pham Viet Binh – Party Committee Secretary, Rector of University of Information and Communication Technology; Associate Professor Dr. Le Luong Tai – former Deputy Director of Thai Nguyen University, and all the members of the university management board, all the leaders from the departments of the university, staff members who are working at the library and students who represent the faculties of university were also in attendance.


Dr. Pham Binh Vietnam – Party Committee Secretary, Rector of University during his opening remarks.

In the opening speech at the seminar, Associate Professor Dr. Pham Viet Binh stated, “In the area of ​​training and activities in the library, it is always a goal to assess the accomplishment of enhancing the training quality and scientific research in the university, contributing to the training of human resources with knowledge for the country. Therefore, it is considered to be the provider the base of knowledge for training, research and development activities of technology science and management, the library is the heart of knowledge of a university “.


Mrs. Phan Thu Nga –Director of Da Nang Learning Resource Center reported her findings at the seminar.

At the seminar, the delegates followed took part in the discussion and shared experiences in the management and operation of the library systems of universities and learning resources centers representing all regions of the country.

The presentations at the seminar include:

The role of the Learning Resource Center in raising the quality of teaching and learning by Mrs. Phan Thu Nga –Director of Da Nang Learning Resource Center.

sharing information about Resources in Libraries and Policies for Development; and, access to digital resources at the National University of Hanoi was presented by Dr. Nguyen Huy Chuong – Chairman of the Northern University Library Association.

Strategy to Modernize the Information Library Activities of the Information University Contributing to Innovation at  University-level  Education in Vietnam, by Nguyen Thanh Tra, M.A. – Library of Banking Academy.

Role of Libraries in the University –by Associate Professor Dr. Le Luong Tai, former Deputy Director Thai Nguyen University.

Specifically, the seminar included an introduction to the technology development libraries and answered questions by representatives of Dai Truong Phat Education Joint Stock Company, which provides and develops technology for libraries.

After more than three continuous hours of hard work, the seminar ended successfully, presenting a strategic vision for the development of libraries in the future, contributing to the development of the library to a new level.

 LIBRARY 3The participant’s photo at the library.

 LIBRARY 4Visiting the display of technological, science, and training products of the university


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