ICTU held a graduation ceremony and awards PhD and master’s degrees

On October 28, ICTU solemnly held the Graduation Ceremony and awarded Doctoral and Master’s degrees in 2023. Attending the ceremony were the ICTU Board, professors, associate professors and doctors representing the research and teaching staff, leaders of units, new doctors and new masters as well as their family members.

Graduate training is one of the important tasks of ICTU to improve the qualifications of staff and lecturers at universities and colleges. The university constantly expands training fields to meet social needs as well as the labour market. Up to now, the university’s graduate training scale consists of 73 masters’ and 16 doctoral students. The total number of students awarded degrees in October 2023 is 67 students, including 61 master’s students in Computer Science, 05 students in Management Information Systems and 01 master’s student in Telecommunication Engineering.

In his speech at the ceremony, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Phung Trung Nghia emphasized that the task of graduate training has always been a focus of the university and is considered a key task in the current period to improve the qualifications of staff in general and lecturers at universities and colleges. ICTU has been very proud to have accompanied learners throughout their journey to conquer their goals. It is expected that along with knowledge and skills, new doctors and masters will also bring the spirit of continuous learning, self-study, and creativity in developing their careers.

The graduation ceremony is an important milestone marking the accumulation of knowledge, maturity of thinking and confidence in attitude. It is also an important transition in life, the end of the learning process to start a new stage of working and dedication. This is not the final destination but just an important beginning in a new journey. We wish the new doctors and masters to continue making attempts to bring all their heart and mentality from their knowledge and experiences during their studies and research process at ICTU to apply flexibly and creatively to practical work.

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