ICTU proactively improves the training quality in the field of Microchips – Semiconductor

In the strong development trend of the semiconductor industry in Vietnam, training high-quality human resources is of special concern. To improve the training quality and meet the human resource needs in this field, ICTU participated in the Conference on “Contents of Microchip – Semiconductor Design and Manufacturing,” organized by ETEK Automation Solutions Joint Stock Company on May 7, 2024.

ICTU representatives attended the Conference.

This event attracted the participation of more than 100 delegates from more than 50 universities and colleges nationwide. The speakers shared in-depth information about the technology, design, and manufacturing process of semiconductor circuits. In particular, experts have given specific directions in developing training programs suitable to the real needs of the industry.

Mr. Nguyen Trong Thuong – General Director of ETEK shared about the situation and development prospects of the semiconductor industry in Vietnam.

As one of the higher education institutions training high-quality human resources for the information technology field, ICTU has actively participated, listened to, and recorded valuable opinions from experts. The knowledge and experience acquired will be carefully researched and applied by ICTU to update and adjust training programs, ensuring that graduates from ICTU meet the requirements of the labor market in semiconductor circuits.

ICTU prepares all conditions for semiconductor circuit training

Besides attending conferences, ICTU proactively strengthens cooperation with leading units in the industry, opening up many internships and practical opportunities for students. Thereby, students will cultivate professional knowledge, improve practical skills, and better meet the needs of employers after graduation.

Starting in 2024, ICTU will begin recruiting students to train in the semiconductor circuit industry. Taking advantage of more than 20 years of training in information and communication technology, ICTU trains human resources in the semiconductor circuit industry will not only stay ahead of world trends but also contribute to promoting the university’s strengths in training, contributing to providing human resources to meet huge needs locally and across the country. Thanks to constant efforts in innovating and improving training quality, ICTU affirms its position as one of the leading units in providing high-quality human resources for the semiconductor circuit industry, which is growing robustly in Vietnam.

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