ICTU participated in the Exhibition of Training, Science and Technology Achievements of Thai Nguyen University

Within the framework of activities celebrating the 30th Anniversary of the Establishment of Thai Nguyen University (TNU) (April 4, 1994 – April 4, 2024), the Exhibition of Training, Science and Technology Achievements became the focus of attracting the attention of a large number of researchers, scientists, officials, and lecturers coming from universities and research institutes nationwide.

With the participation of many member units of TNU, along with companies and sponsors, the exhibition becomes a playground to display typical science and technology products. The exhibition was not only an opportunity to introduce achievements but also to connect scientists with businesses and managers in the process of commercializing science and technology products.

Contributing to the overall success of the event, ICTU brought high-tech products, such as web-based virtual reality programming, to the exhibition. In addition, ICTU also displayed typical products of the Science and Technology Competition, such as automatic beverage dispensers, disinfectant spraying robots in hospitals, independent solar panel systems, and electric device control systems based on hand gesture recognition…

At the ICTU exhibition area, representatives of senior leaders from the Central Government, TNU, and leaders of localities and school partners all highly appreciated the achievements that ICTU has achieved in recent times, affirming the importance of scientific research and technological innovation in the development process.

The exhibition of training, science, and technology achievements became a great opportunity for ICTU to introduce its typical achievements while affirming its commitment to actively contributing to the development of TNU and building the identity of a leading multidisciplinary, digital university.

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