11 ICTU female students received STEM internship scholarships at Vinfast

ICTU is dedicated to training leading digital technology human resources professionals, and it has always strived to create comprehensive development opportunities for students. Typically, 11 excellent female students of the university have just received STEM internship scholarships at Vinfast – the leading electric car group in Vietnam.

Being selected from hundreds of applicants, 11 lucky female students of ICTU will have a valuable opportunity to experience a practical internship at Vinfast for eight weeks. Not only is it a place to apply learned knowledge, but it is also an environment for students to develop essential skills such as teamwork, project management, communication, and problem-solving.

In particular, being granted this scholarship, students will participate in capacity-building training courses directly guided by experts from Sunshine Coast University, Australia. Through in-depth learning sessions, students will be equipped with advanced tools, knowledge, and management skills, enhancing their competitiveness in the challenging STEM field.

Dr. Vu Duc Thai – ICTU Vice Rector, shared that the success of 11 ICTU female students in winning prestigious STEM internship scholarships at Vinfast was a clear demonstration of the university’s comprehensive training quality. At ICTU, students have been equipped with in-depth professional knowledge and practice soft skills to compete in the international arena.

In addition to career and skills development benefits, the program also provides an attractive monthly living allowance package of 6 million VND for two months of internship and travel expenses so students can completely focus on learning and experiencing. The total value is up to 132 million VND, not including travel support costs.

With the goal of becoming a multidisciplinary digital university, ICTU has always strived to create a dynamic, practical, and highly competitive learning environment to train students. The information about the STEM internship at Vinfast of 11 ICTU female students will continue to be updated.

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