The Communist Party of University of Information and Communication Technology

The Communist Party of University of Information and Communication Technology (ICTU) has 10 affiliated branches with 200 party members, of which: 110 party members are women, 90 are official members, 04 are probationary members, 196 are party members are staff and lecturers and 04 party members are students, 21 party members are ethnic minorities. Specifically, the List of Party members of each branch as follow:

  1. Automation Technology Branch: 19 Party members
  2. Electronic and Communication Branch: 32 Party members
  3. Basic Science Branch: 34 members
  4. Economic Information System Branch: 17 members
  5. Information Technology Branch: 39 party members
  6. Multimedia Communication Branch: 14 party members
  7. Office 1 Branch: 20 Party members
  8. Office 2 Branch: 24 Party members
  9. Office 3 Branch: 09 Party members

At the 5th Congress, for the 2020-2025 term, the Executive Party Committee was elected with 15 comrades:

  1. Nguyen Van Tao 
  2. Vu Duc Thai 
  3. Phung Trung Nghia 
  4. Truong Tuan Linh 
  5. Do Dinh Cuong 
  6. Nguyen Duy Minh 
  7. Truong Ha Hai 
  8. Nguyen Van Huan
  9. Nguyen Hai Minh
  10. Do Thi Bac
  11. Nguyen Xuan Huong
  12. Truong Thi Viet Phuong
  13. Vu Chien Thang
  14. Ngo Thi Lan Phuong
  15. Nguyen Duc Binh

At the first meeting of the Executive Party Committee, it was agreed to elect

The Standing Committee consists of 04 members:

  1. Nguyen Van Tao – Secretary of the Party Committee
  2. Vu Duc Thai – Member of the Standing Party Committee
  3. Phung Trung Nghia – Member of the Standing Party Committee
  4. Truong Tuan Linh – Member of the Standing Party Committee

The inspection committee consists of 5 comrades:

  1. Phung Trung Nghia – Chairman of the Inspection Committee
  2. Nguyen Hai Minh – Vice Chairman of the Inspection Committee
  3. Ngo Manh Tuong – Member
  4. Pham Van Ngoc – Member
  5. Nguyen Hien Trinh – Member

Some key targets set out in the resolution of the ICTU Party Congress for the 2020-2025 term

– 100% of party members are classified as completing tasks or more; in which 90% of Party members successfully and excellently complete their tasks;

– 100% of branches are classified as completing tasks or more, in which 90% of branches successfully completed and successfully complete their tasks; The ICTU party committee meets the standards of a party unit and successfully completes its tasks for contigent years during the term.

Training scale up to 2025: 6,000 students, in which, there are 150-200 international students.

– At the end of the term, to complete the external assessment according to the international standard AUN-QA for 40% of the training programs; The university will achieve the educational quality accreditation in the new cycle.

Implementation of 02-05 international cooperation programs and bilateral government projects.

– In the period 2020-2025: There will be 3-5 inventions, intellectual property; win 30-40 national science and technology awards; have at least 600 articles, of which 200 are on international journals: (70 ISI, Scopus); 400 are on national journals; have at least 10 ministerial-level projects and 20 TNU-level projects; 150-200 project at ICTU-level and 200 projects at student level; more than 250 projects of students participating in science, technology, innovation and entrepreneurship competitions.

– Build 3 high-quality/key/spiky/international joint training programs that meet regional and international standards.

– By 2025, the percentage of teaching staff with PhD qualifications will reach over 25%. From 02 to 03 units will be newly established.

– Effectively mobilize and use financial resources to perform the tasks of training, building facilities, building a team and improving the lives of employees; ensure adequate and timely payment of salaries, allowances and policies for employees; the average income/person annually increases by at least 10%.

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