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1 Cipher  high speed towards applications in wireless communication networks Do Thi Bac 2011-2012 – Analyze the causes, risks and attacks on mobile networks.

– Analysis of the current status of encryption solutions to secure the information placard in mobile networks.

– Evaluation and selection primitives and solutions to build high-speed encryption algorithms.

– Construction of new cryptographic algorithms toward efficient implementation on FPGA.

– Analyze and evaluate the safety of the proposed algorithm NESSIE standards.

– 04 papers

– 02 students in scientific research

– 02 theses


2 Study chaotic dynamical properties of Cellular Neural Network and application to image encryption. Dam Thanh Phuong 2011-2012 –     Chaos and characteristic of chaos; relationship between chaos and encryption. General scheme of an image encryption algorithm based on chaos. Review some methods have been proposed. Analyze advantages and disadvantages of them.

– Study physical architecture, mathematics and dynamical behavior of  CNN. How to generator chaotic signal from CNN. How to  synchronization and control chaotic signal.

– Propose an image encryption scheme based on chaos CNN. Prove that it can be against some attack method, sensitive to keys.

– Simulation results by Matlab


01 college-level paper.

01 national article

01 national workshop proceedings

01 student groups in scientific research.

3 Research of  Model checking for generating automatic test case Nguyen Hong Tan 2011-2012 – Research of software testing and automated testing

– Research of model checking.

– Research of SMV and NuSMV model checker.

– Research of Automated testing based on Model checking


– Papers: 02

[1]. Nguyen Hong Tan, Ha Thi Thanh, An Efficient method for generating Unit test case, Journal of Science and Technology, Thai Nguyen University, No 11, 2012.

[2]. Nguyen Hong Tan, Nguyen Truong Thang, Bui Anh Tu, A model checking based verification and test case generation method for web service, Journal of Science and Technology, Thai Nguyen University, No 2, 2013.


– Science research of students: 02


4 A study of Kohonen neural network model and its application  for data clustering problem. Le Anh Tu 2011-2012 Studied theory of SOM neural network and suggested solutions to improve the effect and the network processing speed when applied for the data clustering problem.

Tested the results with some applied questions of data distribution.

– 01 paper in Procceding in ICCASA 2012

– 01 paper in Procceding in VCCA 2011

– 01 paper in Jounal of Science Technlogy – Thai Nguyen University

– A final project


5 Research and Development of Wireless Sensor Network Architecture



Vu Chien Thang 2011-2012 – Study on 0perating system for wireless sensor networks

– Study on routing protocol for wireless sensor network

– Study on hardware architecture for wireless sensor network

– Fabricate wireless sensor node

– Porting routing protocol and operating system to wireless sensor node

– Experiment and test wireless sensor network

– 04 papers

– wireless sensor nodes

– 01 books

– 04 theses

6 Building data systems analysis and economic forecasting to support learning, teaching and research Pham Viet Binh 2012-2013 + Building data systems analysis and economic forecasting to support learning, teaching and research based on inheritance research results from projects of Ministry bearing numbers TN08-B2009-01.

+ Construction lectures for courses “Data analysis and economic forecasting.”

+ System data analysis and economic forecasting to support student learning, teaching and research

+ Report summarizing topics

+ 01 Publisher curriculum in Science and Engineering

+ 03 articles in the journal Science and Technology – Thai Nguyen University

+ Guide 03 projects for 04 students in scientific research

+ 02 reporting participants (selected issues of national information and communication Technology 2012, Scientific Conference ICTU 2012)

+ Guide 01 thesis in 2013