No. Projects Partner Implementation Duration Budget Results
1 VLIR – Applying Wireless Sensor Networks in Agriculture: a hydroponic greenhouse as student lab and research environment to improve the quality of vegetable cultivation in the north of Vietnam Erasmus University, Brussels 2014 – 2016 € 71,058 1. The WSN platforms and the decision service have been integrated into one prototype lab system; A lab prototype of a hydroponic greenhouse system.

2. The prototype was tested intensively and the results are processed in the system; A extensively tested and optimized hydroponic greenhouse system.

3. The greenhouse site has been identified, implemented and equipped with power and draining.

4. A working hydroponic greenhouse system has been implemented and is operational.

2 VLIR – Exploring future university development cooperation in rural North Vietnam supported by existing partnerships: a harvest and seed approach Ha Noi University of Sciences and Technology, Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB), Erasmushoge school Brussel (EhB) 2012 – 2014 € 50, 000 1. Researching base of Arduino and successfully setup intelligent house follow Ardunio.

2. Researching base Zolertia and successfully setup secure systems and fire alarm via mobile network.

3. Researching switch IPv4 to IPv6 technology and successfully setup diagram connection network IPv6 through base of IPv4.

4. Setup communication program via IPv6 client via base of IPv4.

5. Researching Winform on Android and developing weather monitoring application on Android smart phone.

6. Has 01 journal published in Springer Link and Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering (LNEE) – Springer.

7. Training for 8 lecturers, 38 students about field research of this project.

3 TI – Enterprise cooperation in setting up microcontroller lab applied Texas Instrument Technology Texas Instrument -Singapore 2013-2015 10,000 USD A lab applied Texas Instrument Technology for students.
4 Cooperation in setting up microcontroller lab applied STMicrocontroller Technology STM- Asia Pacific Pte.Ltd. 2013-2015 5,000 USD  A lab applied STMicrocontroller Technology
5 Samsung Samsung Electronics Vietnam 2015 830,000,000 VND  A lab for applied Samsung technology