Joint Training


No. Joint Training Majors Partner Level Implementation duration Number of current sts. Graduated students Total
1 Electronics and Telecommunications Technology Feng Chia University Bachelor 2016 – 2026 30 0 30
2 Business Administration Paris Graduation School of Management –PGSM (France) Master 2010 – 2015 0 346 374


No. Nations Partners Cooperation Contents Implementation duration
1 Taiwan Feng Chia University 1. Joint training program in Bachelor of Electronics and Telecommunications Technology (3 + 2 model).

2. Students and faculty exchange programs.

3. Co-publication of scientific papers.

4. Joint international conferences.

2016 – 2026
2 Korea Kyungpook National University 1. Exchange of students.

2. Exchange of faculty members.

3. Exchange of academic publications and information.

4. Development of collaborative research.

5. Development of joint educational programs.

Information System Security Lab, College of Informatics, Korea University 1. Building common research programs

2. Exchange of researchers and faculty members

3. Implementing short courses for faculty members

3 USA Oklahoma

State University

1. Promoting 2 + 1 or 2 + 2 joint training programs

2. Exchanging and training ICTU’s teachers; curriculum development.

3. Developing human resource; researching and transferring science and technology.

4. Cultural visit and professional internship.

4 Laos Vientiane-Hanoi Friendship Vocational School (VIHAS) – Joint training program at undergraduate level (2+1 or 1+2 model).

– Exchange of specialists.
– Developing labs and learning and researching materials.

– Cooperating in research, conference, publications and projects.
– Cultural exchange programs.

2013 -2018
5 Japan Yokohama Technoauto College


1. YTC helps ICTU to train teachers and build lab for automobile electronic majors at ICTU;

2. Submit ICTU students to study short and long-term at YTC;

3. ICTU teachers help YTC teachers to improve IT application;

4. Develop a long-term cooperation.

Yokohama Design College


1. ICTU sends lecturers to take Japanese course at YDC

2. Promoting overseas studying programs in YDC

6 China Honghe University 1. Developing international joint training programs

2. Promoting cooperation in research, scientific conference and publication projects

3. Accepting equivalent subjects or courses

4. Faculty and Student Exchange Programs.

7 UK Wakefield College – Faculty Exchange Program: Wakefield’s lecturers help ICTU’s lecturers in preparing lesson plans, teaching methods and material development for IT major in English;

– Support ICTU’s lecturers to visit Wakefield College for working and class observation.

8 The Phillipines Manuel S. Enverga University Foundation


1. Two-week Faculty Exchange Program at both ICTU and MSEUF.

2. ICTU sends lecturers to take part in Advanced English Program and Master Program in IT at MSEUF.