Division of Academic Affairs


The Training Department has the function of advising, management and organization of the implementation of tasks in the fields of undergraduate and postgraduate training and a number of other tasks assigned by the Rector of ICTU.

1. The Work of Training Management
1.1. Researching and proposing ICTU’s development plan on training objectives, training types, sectors, scale and modes for training and development of necessary material facilities to serve the teaching and learning duties.
1.2. Developing the scale plan for enrollment and enrollment organization for training types within and outside of the budget under assigned targets and current regimes; developing training contracts, teaching agreements with institutions and faculty.
1.3. Planning operations of training activities for study levels, academic courses, and other training types of ICTU to coordinate with the faculties, departments managed directly by ICTU and units related to development of training programs and opening training sector; developing teaching plan, inviting for the entire university and checking the implementation of the teaching plans of units.
1.4. Organizing and operating teaching and learning stages:

  •  Scheduling, assigning teaching load and notifying teaching schedules of each semester and the entire academic year to relevant units.
  • Arranging exam schedules, coordinating with other units of ICTU in organizing and implementing assessment of learning outcomes.
  • Being responsible for managing and distributing classrooms according to timetables to ensure classrooms to serve the needs of ICTU’s training activities.
  • Planning, steering faculties and departments managed directly by ICTU to implement tasks on practice, visit, appointment of lecturers, invited lecturers and guest lecturers.
  • Coordinating with the Department of Student Affairs and the faculties to deploy allocation of sectors, classes and update the list of students.
  • Directing and organizing the work on graduation examination, thesis reports and graduate projects for training levels.

1.5. Managing the entire academic results of ICTU’s students under the mode of archives and security; printing transcripts, certificates learning outcomes for students as prescribed and taking responsibility before the Rector on managing academic results of the entire students of ICTU.
1.6. Steering the departments, departments managed directly by ICTU in statistics of teaching loads and confirming the payment for the faculty according the prescribed regime.
1.7. Directing faculties and departments managed directly by ICTU in registration and deployment in order to write curriculum of modules, innovate programs and the training process.
1.8. Coordinating with other relevant units in surveying the labor market demand, taking opinions from recruiters and alumni to serve for the development of training sectors and innovation of curriculum contents
1.9. Proposing measures to improve the quality in teaching and learning.

2. The postgraduate training work

2.1. Studying and proposing the postgraduate training strategy of ICTU in terms of the training objectives, types and training modes; opening branches and specialized sectors of postgraduate training levels.
2.2. Planning and organizing operations of and postgraduate training activities of ICTU:

  • Coordinating with relevant units in setting up teaching schedule, arranging classrooms, laboratories for practice of training service; notifying faculty on teaching schedules, taking procedures to invite to give lectures; contracting teaching and taking procedures of payment for invited lecturers.
  • Organizing and managing the teaching and learning process; examining the implementation of the regulations of teaching and learning, promptly proposing issues needing to be adjusted or supplemented accordingly.
  • Proposing development of programs, training contents, compilation of textbooks and, document materials serving postgraduate training.
  • Coordinating with other relevant units in organizing study of transformation and supplying knowledge as prescribed.
  • Proposing consideration and approval for research papers and appointing supervisors instructing graduation theses of students.
  • Counseling and proposing for the rector in establishing the reviewed board to issue certificates and approve the proposals, papers, graduation theses and consider for granting to diploma.
  • Managing the learning outcomes of postgraduate students (as Section 5, Clause 1 of the Article 11).

2.3. Participating in the work of entrance exam of postgraduate training operated by Thai Nguyen University and ICTU.
2.4. Proposing the investment in the construction of material foundations for postgraduate training; planning management and balancing funds for postgraduate training.
II. Staff