Division of Planning – Finance

I. Introduction of Staff

II. Functions and duties

1. The work of budget planning and funding sources management

  • Advising on the work of development of plan of revenues and expenditures of ICTU
  • Assisting the rector to manage ICTU’s funding sources in accordance with the current regulations.
  • Guiding and supervising the implementation of projects, the approved budget and financial policy regime promulgated by the State.
  • Coordinating with relevant departments to carry out well the policy of revenues and expenditures, tuition fees, scholarships and other charges and expenses.
  • Managing directly budget of programs of objectives and of projects of ICTU.
  • Advising in the formulation of internal spending regulations, publicity of financial activities under the current regulations.
  • Organizing the system of books and auditing accountancy according to current regulations.

2. The work of payment and monitoring of financial revenue and expenditure

  • Organizing annual inspection or irregular payment, settlement of revenues and expenditures under current regulations.
  • Organizing professional guidance, inspection and monitoring for activities of the financial revenues and expenditures in accordance with current regulations.
  • Monitoring the use of funds, equipments, supplies and cash in serving the training and scientific research work of all units and individuals in ICTU.
  • Coordinating with other units to assist the rector in the record procedures of physical facilities, finance related to the establishment, merger, dissolution, separation of units in ICTU.
  • Coordinating with other relevant units to organize councils of asset liquidation as prescribed; taking acceptance test and handover works and auditing on account of the fixed assets before putting it into use.
  • Organizing promptly payment of salaries for employees and scholarships for students.
  • Checking promptly of the list of units, adding newcomers, cutting persons moving away inspecting salary levels, kinds of allowances, accounts receivable and payable of employees, staffs and students.
  • Organizing archive of documents, original vouchers, accounting records in accordance with current regulations.