Division of Student Affairs


1. The leaders of the department

The Department of Student Affairs has functions in advising, managing and organizing the implementation of tasks in the fields of ideological and political work, student management, the work on propagation, culture, tradition, security and other duties assigned by the Rector of ICTU.

There 28 staffs at the Department of Student Affairs in which there is one doctoral person, one PhD. Candidate, three persons holding Master degree and 10 people holding bachelor degrees. The Department’s leadership team is lecturers with proficiency of masters and doctoral lecturers trained inside and outside Vietnam and is also faculty currently teaching at the Faculty of Information Technology and the Faculty of Economic Information Systems.

2. The Division of Student Management

This Division is responsible for organizing admission of ICTU matriculated students and arranging correctly into classes under their matriculated sectors. It coordinates with relevant agencies to organize implement of ICTU’s medical work.

The Division of Student Management annually coordinates with related departments to organize “Student-Citizen activities Week ” at the initial academic course and the initial academic year for students with the contents such as presentation of Viet Nam and the international news situation; state regimes and policies for students, rules and regulations, training programs, etc.

Chairing in coordination with the relevant units to classify and rank students according to each semester and academic year under the current statute. They are use as a basis for implementing the regime of scholarships, social assistance and tuition fees for students; suggesting praise and award collectives and individuals of students gaining high achievement in education and training.

This Division also regularly coordinates with relevant units to organize for students participating in competition of outstanding students, scientific research and considers scholarships to encourage talent for students who are excellent in the studying and scientific research. It coordinates with Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union, Students Association, the Student Support – Counseling Centre and departments to organize for students to participate in activities of VN culture, sports and other activities. It periodically organizes contact meetings and direct dialogue between ICTU leaders and students and is a focal unit to solve students’ proposal and complaints.

The Division of Student Management, prior to each session of graduation consideration for students, always organizes and coordinates with relevant units to conduct consultancy and job introduction after graduation for students and poor students available difficulties in the learning period.

Receiving and managing foreign students to study in ICTU, managing students to a database on former students of ICTU.

Coordinating with local governments and the relevant units in and out of ICTU to students to internal organized management, outpatient follow the regulations of the Ministry of Education and Training, Thai Nguyen University, Thai Nguyen and ICTU.

Regarding the political and ideological work, the Division of Student Management always counsels and assists the Party Committee and the rector on political and ideological work for staffs, employees and students, propaganda work and the work of mass culture in ICTU. It understands the situation of ideas of employees and students in ICTU. It is proactive to propose undertakings and appropriate measures to solve the thoughts, feelings, aspirations and entanglements of staffs, employees and students

3. The Division of Management of Student Dormitory

Counseling the Executive Board of the Department and the Steering Committee on the comprehensive management of student dormitories. Organizing and manageing accommodation, activities and study of boarding students to ensure order and security, sanitation and safety in order to develop the dormitory to become healthy and cultural educational environment.

Organizing students’ life living in the dormitory: organizing admission, signing and implementing contracts with students as prescribed, arranging accommodation, disseminating and guiding implements of students’ work and dormitory rules; making a list of students in the dormitory and managing computer data lookup service and sending the list of relevant units within and outside of ICTU when requested.

Coordinating with Youth Union, Student Association organizes cultural and sports activities, on “Green Sunday” in the dormitory. Organizing activities to build healthy lifestyles, prevent from negative evils infiltrating students. It collaborates with local police in the prevention and treatment of social evils in the dormitory.

Ensuring to maintain order and security and safety for boarding students is one of the important tasks of the Management Board of the dormitory, because many students wish to live in dormitory. Therefore, the management of security and order in the dormitory must be placed on top priority.

4. The Guard Division

This division has function to establish and carry out division of shift planning and guards to protect public property and safety of lives for employees, staffs and students of ICTU. Propagating and being advocacy employees, staffs and students to raise awareness of vigilance and protection of property, social order and safety and domestic political security. Managing and using in accordance with regulations to gain high efficiency with support tools for protective work.

Grasping in time security and order situation in the area to proposed protective plans of ICTU. Coordinating with forces on security, police and militia in the locality in the work of force development. Deploying ICTU’s protection plan and timely handling of cases of property loss and public order disturbed.

II. Staff