Division of ICT Labs

I. Functions and duties
1. The work of practice and apprenticeship

  •  Coordinating with the department, faculties and departments directly under ICTU to organize implement of practice and apprenticeship plans for classes under ICTU’s curriculum and training plans.
  • Coordinating with relevant units to fully install software serving for ICTU’s training program.
  • Performing well the work on sanitation, fire and explosion prevention and labor safety in practice and experiment laboratories.
  • Coordinating with lecturers to work effectively on classroom management during practice and apprenticeship in the computer room; make minutes to discipline for students who violate the rules in practice hours.
  • Developing rules, regulations, signboards, etc. in the lab. of practice room and specific room to instruct students during the practice and experiment.

2. The work of engineering, maintenance and maintenance

  • Ensuring machineries at Departments to operate stably to meet the requirements of practice and the internships of students to other activities of ICTU.
  • Managing and maintaining all mechanical and equipment systems under the scale of management, repair, replacement, incidents occurring to the equipment for practice or apprentices.
  • Coordinating with the General Department to manage the system of equipment, engineering supplies on the information technology and communications of the Department and establishing minutes for technical equipments when the incident has occurred.
  • Satisfying the equipments used for training, conferences, seminars upon request of the ICTU.
  • Coordinating with relevant agencies to organize training and guiding use for training equipment for teaching staffs, employees in ICTU.

3. Implementing work of applications ICT

  • Coordinating with other units relevant to counsel project development of practice laboratories system to improve the capacity for scientific research in accordance with the building strategy and development of ICTU.
  • Coordinating with relevant agencies to organize the implementation of short training courses under topics and train certificates under ICTU’s plan.
  • Deploying service activities in the field of ICT to meet the actual needs and create legal revenue for ICTU.
  • Performing other tasks assigned by the rectorate board of ICTU.

II. Staff