Division of Inspection and Legislation

I. Functions and duties

Division of Inspection – Legislation has the function of advising, managing and implementing the tasks in the field of inspection, legislation and other duties of the university assigned by the Rector.

1. Inspection activities

– To advise the Rector on building inspection plan and organize inspections according to the plan; make inspection decisions; issue inspection conclusion documents and the related decisions after inspection.

– To inspect the implementation of policies and laws on education and training.

– To inspect the implementation of goals, plans, programs, content, methods of education, training policies, diploma or certificate conferring, the implementation of regulations on textbooks, lectures in all categories in all modes of study, grades and training levels in the university.

– To inspect the implementation of state regulations on management of finance, property, science and technology, the human resources organization and the conditions necessary to ensure the quality of the university education and training.

– To inspect the implementation of regulations on teaching, organizing examinations and testing of staff, faculty and the observance of the regulation of learning, examinations of students in the university.

– To advise the Rector on the issuance of procedures, specific regulations for the inspection of the university.

– To assist the Rector to host citizens and settle complaints and denunciations related to the training and management in accordance with provisions of the complaints and denunciations of the State; detect and report them promptly to the negative manifestations in training and training management, perform the task of preventing and combating corruption in the field of education and training as prescribed by law.
– To propose to the Rector and the superior management agencies to modify, supplement or promulgate regulations consistent with management requirements.

  1. Legislation activities

– To develop internal management documents and databases of legislation activities, and develop programs, plans, legislative tasks for the Rector to sign and then organize the implementation.

– To guide, supervise, inspect and supervise the implementation of the internal management documents of the legislation work; develop and implement programs, plans and legislative tasks of the unit.

– To lead and coordinate with the relevant divisions of the university to organize checking, revise and codify the governing documents of the unit. To advise and propose to amend, supplement or repeal the governing documents of the unit when detecting it is insufficient or inappropriate.

– To lead and coordinate with relevant agencies to give legal advice to the Rector on matters related to organization, management and operation of the unit; protect the legitimate rights and interests of ICTU staff, employees, contracted workers and students at the university.

– To advise and recommend to the Rector of the reward and discipline for those collectives and individuals in the implementation of the legislative work in the university.

– To collaborate with functional units to check inspection and supervision of the work of propaganda and education to raise legal awareness within the university.

– To participate in training, retraining and professional development of legal work by the Ministry of Education and Training, TNU and other professional agencies.

– To take the direction, guidance, control and supervision of the professional service of the legislative work of Department of Legislation and Emulation of TNU and the competent authorities in accordance with the law. To implement reporting on the implementation of the legislative work according to regulations.

– To perform other duties assigned by the Rector.

II. Employees

No. Full names Position Telephone number Email
1 Vu Thi Thuy Thao Head 0912 737 403 vttthao@ictu.edu.vn
2 Pham Van Ngac Vice head 0915 900 226 pvngoc@ictu.edu.vn
3 Khoa Thu Hoai Staff 0914 602 999 kthoai@ictu.edu.vn
4 Bui Thi Huong Thom Staff 0943 252 268 bththom@ictu.edu.vn
5 Tran Le Hung Staff 0966 509 559 tlhung@ictu.edu.vn