Division of IT and Library


The Department of Information Technology and Library was established on December 9th, 2008 under the Decision No. 1110/QD-TCCB signed by the president of Thai Nguyen University.

The Department is responsible for implementing the program of objectives on information technology and library information; advising therector on strategic development of information technology, library information system of ICTU and performing other duties assigned by theRector.

Total number of staff of the Department is 21 people, of which, there are 2 PhD. students, 5 staffs with Master’s degrees, 7 staffs with graduate degrees and 2 staffs studying master program. The organization structure of the Department includes a dean and a deputy dean and19 officers and staff. The Department has 3 key work areas: Room 402A, 402;  home Room of the network administrator at Building C1 andthe Division of Library at the 3rd floor of building C5.

1. The leaders of the department 

2. The Division of IT infrastructure management

This division is responsible for management, maintenance of operation and  proposal of solutions to effectively exploit the entire IT infrastructure of ICTU  including network and communication infrastructures; servers system (Server for IU training management, web server,email server, server of electronic library, etc.), Email system; wifi system in ICTU’s campus. 

3. The Division of Library

a. Traditional library

This division is responsible for managing and maintaining the professional operations of the traditional library of ICTU and implementing the work of published textbooks and reference materials used for teaching and learning activities in ICTU.

b. The Division of electronic library administration

In 2010, an electronic library system invested and constructed here is one of works in progress to build ICTU to become an Electronic University in 2015. Electronic library system operating on each Internet patron that allow readers able to search, look up and downloadinformation for learning and scientific research. This system evaluated is  the intelligent system visited and learnt developed experience by other units

4. The Division of Management of the shared software

During the training, the training management software (Intelligent University – IU) is an indispensable tool. it helps cohesion of operationsamong divisions, creation of a shared database and unity among the parts, permition of search, lookup and archive of all the information onICTU’s training.

In addition to software on training school management also deploy other shared software such as the online test system, software for document management, software of database management for the 3 publicity.

Officers in charge of this work of the Department of IT – Library are responsible for assisting in ICTU’s units of the exploiting process of shared software and remedy for  failures occurred of proposing solutions and developing systems .

5. The Division updates news for website

ICTU’s page of electronic information is also an official information on ICTU for the organizations and individuals who want to learn about ICTU.Since 2011, ICTU’s page of information has been a fundamental change in accordance with layout and corresponding with the scale of the University. ICTU’s page of electronic information is integrated e-mail system, credit study enrollment system, electronic library systems andthe information on the enrollment Universities and colleges, especially the page of information of online support for students and teachers of high schools. It is also the policy of the Executive Party, the Steering Board in work associated with practical training to help teachers andstudents of high schools able use ICTU’s website in order to addition of knowledge and experience in learning and teaching.

6. The Division of implementation of training projects and technology transfer
In addition to the implementation of the tasks assigned by ICTU, the Department of Information Technology and Library is also an unit chairing and coordinating with other agencies in and outside of the province to organize short-term training courses and the technology transfer for the place needing in the work of implementation of studies and projects.

In 2011, the Department has coordinated with Thai Nguyen Regular  Education  Center in training the application of IT in  teaching activities ofteachers with more than 300 people; deploying training of open source code with nearly 100 participants for Bac Kan province; Convertingmodels from use of closed source code to open source code for Bac Kan Department of Science and Technology; organizing successfullythe Conference of in Application of open source code in state administration agencies for Bac Kan province.

In addition, officers of the Department have also participated in many of the software development projects for the domestic and internationalorganizations. This work has helped officers of the Department to improve knowledge, have ability to coordinate job performance and improveliving standards for officers of the Department.

7. Some contents have been deploying
– Coordinating successful deployment of software for training management under the yearly and credit training system.
– Developing successfully projects to develop the electronic library.
– Implementing the electronic contacts among university – family – students.
– Deploying to develop web site for ICTU

– Deploying to build the online support page for teachers and students of high schools.

– Implement the contents, training, scientific research and technology transfer to the provinces of Thai Nguyen, Ha Giang, Bac Kan, Cao Bang, Tuyen Quang, etc.
– Deploying the system wifi in universitywide and dormitories.
– Implementing Kios system for lookup information.
– Deploying contents to promote ICTU’s image.
– Implementing installation of LAN system for the high schools in Bac Kan province.
– In addition, the Department also performs other duties assigned by the rector.

II. Staff