Veterans Association

Veterans Association of ICTU was established under the Decision No. 19/10/2011 15/QD-CCB dated the 19th October 2011 of the Executive Committee of Veterans Association of Thai Nguyen University. When established, there were 22 members. They are lecturers and staffs of ICTU. Interim Executive Board consists of 3 members (Mr. Vu Vinh Quang, a chairman, Mr. Vu Duc Thai a deputy chairman and Mr. Phung Nhu Thai, a member of the Executive Board). During the operation duration about 6 months, the Association is put into orderand stability toperform the function of the mission of the Association and gathers solidarity of member forces to deploy to the directives of the Executive Board and implements well the professional duties.

As directed by the Executive Board of Veterans Association of Thai Nguyen University, ICTU’s Veterans Association has organized the firstterm congress (the term of 2012-2017) on the 28th March 2012. The Congress was attended and directed by Mr. Ngo Van Hai, the chairman of Veterans Association of Thai Nguyen University and a number delegates representing for its Executive Board. The Congress also haswelcomed the participation of congratulations of the Party Executive Committee, the Steering Board, the Trade Union Executive Board and the Executive Committee of HCM Communist Youth Union of ICTU. The Congress was held solemnly and seriously and successfully. The Congress has voted and put in resolutions of action programs and target criteria of the term.

The Congress has elected the Executive Board consisting 3 members and then the Executive Board has elected the following titles:
Mr. Vu Quang Vinh acting as a chairman;
Mr. Vu Duc Thai acting as the Deputy Chairman;
Mr. Bui Ngoc Tuan acting as a member of the Executive Board.
The Veterans Association has perfected organizational structure including 2 subassociations: the subassociation 1 lead by Mr. Nguyen ManhTuan acting as the dean of its; the subassociation 2 lead by Mr. Nguyen Khac Binh acting as the dean of its