The Trade Union

The Trade Union of ICTU, formerly known as the Trade Union of the Faculty of Information Technology managed directly by the Trade Union ofThai Nguyen University, was founded in 2002. Until 2011, it was renamed on the basis of the Faculty of Information Technology upgraded to aUniversity of Information Technology and Communications under the Decision No. 468/QD-TTg dated the 30th March 2011 and approved bythe Prime Minister.

In recent years, the Trade Union has performed well its role, function, duties and powers, is reliable toehold of employees and officials,creates trust in officials and employees, is bridge between the Party, Government and workers.

The Trade Union collaborating with the authorities is care of lives of employees and officials in terms of materially and spiritually, settling complaints and denunciations of employees and officials according to law, is responsible for supervising and urging the implementation ofpolicies and regulations on labor action in order to ensure rights of ownership of employees and officials collective in accordance with law.

Executive Committee of ICTU Trade Union Term VI, period 2017 – 2022

No. Full name Positions Telephone No. Emails
1 Vu Duc Thai President 0985.158.998
2 Mach Quy Duong Vice president 0982.116.479
3 Pham Van Ngoc Vice President 0915.900.226
4 Tran Kim Anh Member 0915.122.276
5 Trinh Thuy Ha Member 0915.803.008
6 Pham Hong Viet Member 0974.908.788
7 Ngo Co Ban Member 0972.765.165
8 Tran Thuy An Member 0989.436.333
9 To Thi Huong Thuy Member 0985.969.876
10 Do Huy Khoi Member 0981.115.886
11 Tran Duy Minh Member 01674.473.888
12 Vu Thu Anh Member 0982.875.421
13 Vu Minh Hoai Member 0983.404.919
14 Tran Minh Lien Member 0976.357.657
15 Pham Thi Hoang Nuong Member 0949.920.304