The Party Committee


ICTU Party Committee is the basic political unit, and the center of solidarity, human forces gathering and democracy promotion. It leads and organizes the implementation of the university’s missions. The key mission of ICTU Party Committee in the tenure 2015-2020 is increasing the Party Committee’s the leadership capacity and combativeness, promoting all the resources, building ICTU become an electronics university, a highly qualified training and research center for the industrialization and modernization of the country.

After 15 years of growth, from a Party branch directly under Thai Nguyen University Party Committee, by October, 2015, ICTU Party Committee has had 12 Party branches with 221 Party members:

  1. Party branch of Division of Planning – Finance  13 Party members
  2. Party branch of Division of ICT Practice and Implementation 15 Party members
  3. Party branch of Division of Academic Affairs 23 Party members
  4. Party branch of Division of Students’ Affairs 11 Party members
  5. Party branch of Faculty of Basic Sciences 36 Party members
  6. Party branch of Faculty of Information Technology 45 Party members
  7. Party branch of Faculty of Electronics and Communications Technology 30 Party members
  8. Party branch of Faculty of Automation Technology 14 Party members
  9. Party branch of Faculty of Economic Information Systems 15 Party members
  10. Party branch of Department of Information System Safety  04 Party members
  11. Party branch of Department of Automotive Technology and Sensor Systems  07 Party members
  12. Party branch of Department of Multimedia Communications  08 Party members


Dr. Nguyen Van Tao – Party Secretary of ICTU Party Executive Committee, the tenure 2015-2020

In 4th Party Committee Congress, a new Party Executive Committee for the tenure 2015-2020 has been elected which includes 15 members:

  1. Nguyen Van Tao
  2. Vu Duc Thai
  3. Nguyen Duy Minh
  4. Nguyen Hải Minh
  5. Nguyen Huu Thai
  6. Phung Trung Nghia
  7. Vu Vinh Quang
  8. Truong Ha Hai
  1. Luong Thi Hoang Dung
  2. Do Dinh Cuong
  3. Do Thi Bac
  4. Bui Anh Tu
  5. Dang Thi Oanh
  6. Le Hung Linh
  7. 15. Do Van Toan


ICTU Party Executive Committee, the tenure 2015-2020

In the first session of the Congress, Party Executive Committee has elected:

Party Standing Committee includes 5 members:

  1. Nguyen Van Tao – Party Secretary
  2. Vu Duc Thai – Deputy Secretary
  3. Nguyen Huu Thai – Member
  4. Do Thi Bac – Member
  5. Le Hung Linh – Member

Inspection Committee includes 03 members:

  1. Nguyen Huu Thai – Chairman
  2. Nguyen Duy Minh – Member
  3. Phung Trung Nghia – Member

Some proposed indicators in the Resolution of ICTU Party Committee Congress, the tenure 2015- 2020

– 100% of Party members will be ranked to fulfill or better fulfill their assignments, of which 80% of Party members will well fulfill or outstandingly complete their assignments.

– 100% of Party branches will be ranked to complete or better complete their assignments, of which 90% of Party branches will be ranked to be clean and strong; ICTU Party Committee will meet the standards of a clean and strong Party unit continuously throughout tenures.

– Training scale by 2020 will be 40 PhD students, 500 graduate students, and 12,000 undergraduate students including 9,000 full-time students, and 3,000 students of other mode of study;

– The university will meet the quality standard accredited by external testing and inspecting organizations;

– In the stage of 2015-2020, ICTU will strive to have one to two State level projects, protocol projects; 10 Provincial and Ministerial level projects; 30 Thai Nguyen University level projects; 300 basis level projects, 150 students’ projects; at least 03 scientific and technological products bearing ICTU brand and patented; 15 applied programs, projects and technology transfer, and to compile and publish 200 articles on domestic and international journals;

– The university will establish two high-quality training programs meeting regional and international standards;

– By 2020, the rate of lecturers with graduate and postgraduate qualifications (Prof, Assoc. Prof, Dr, M.Sc, M.A and equivalent level) will reach more than 85%, of which 10 – 15% of teaching staff has doctoral qualifications;

– The university will mobilize and use effectively financial resources to implement the training tasks, to build teaching facility, to build up the human resources and improve their lives, to guarantee salary and allowance payment fully and timely, and policy-related regulations for staff and lecturers; and by 2020 strive to increase the allowance to the salary to 1.7 times higher in comparison with that of the beginning of the tenure.