Students Association

Introduction :

ICTU’s Students’ Association T was established on the 17th,  May 2011 and underwent 02 Congresses. So far, Students Association has gathered 04 inte-associations, 62 memebers of sub-association with operation of the Executive Committee of the Students’ Association including 17 comrades (including 5 members was a member of the Secretariat and 12 comrades was a member of the Executive Committee).

Students Association concretizes the guidelines of the superior student association, plans and find appropriate solutions to the conditions ofICTU students to deploy to each sub-association and being advocacy students participating in emulation, the academic strength training, in order to achieve the title “the 5-good student”.

Students gaining the title of “the 5- good student” of Thai Nguyen University and the provincial level are 1 student and 2 students in 2010 and 1 student and one student in 2011 consecutively; in 2012 there were 13 students earned the title of “the 5-good student” of the university level. The movement of “the 5-good student” has received great sympathy and support of students and created lively atmosphere emulation and strives in the whole university.


ICTU’s Students Association has the function of unity and gathering extensively of students universitywide. They strive together learning and training due to objectives of the ideal of Vietnam Communist Party and President Ho Chi Minh;

Steering, directing and guiding sub-association, Clubs – Teams – Groups and parts directly under the University to develop and promoteunity power consistent with the policy of the Central Committee of the Vietnam Students Association, Thai Nguyen Students Association andTNU student Association and accompanying with ICTU’s Communist Youth Union to develop stronger and stronger  Union’s activities andstudent movements;

Organizing movement activities for members and students having the opportunity of their dedication to society. At the same time, contributing to the revolutionary ideals of education, personality training and accompanying with ICTU to develop class of students availablehigh knowledge in service innovation development of the country.


Strictly complying with the Charter of Vietnamese Students Association, ICTU’s Students Association to be solidarity and encouragementto help members and students in education and training in order to complete the task of students and  help build a strong ICTU;

Educating ideal, tradition of ethics lifestyles and legal awareness for members and students who deserve students of ICTU;

 Reflecting the needs and aspirations of students to the Youth Union, Party Committee – steering Board of ICTU, Students Association of Thai Nguyen University, Students Association of Thai Nguyen province and Central Vietnam Students Association. Organizing practical activities care for the material and spiritual life of students;

Coordinating with the Youth Union, functional departments of ICTU and the relevant units addressing hot issues on the work and students’ association and movement of ICTU