Multimedia Communications

Department of Multimedia Communications was established under the decision No.802/QĐ-ĐHTN of President of TNU signed on 11th August 2011. It has the following duties:

  1. Responsible for the content, quality and progress of teaching and learning program; developing and improving curriculum, textbooks, reference books.
  2. Researching to improve teaching methods, organize lecture attending, organize academic activities, scientific conferences in order to improve the quality of training;
  3. Conducting scientific researching, technology development and supply of scientific and technological services under the plan; collaborate with training institutions, research institutions, sciences and technology organizations, business and services in order to combine training, scientific research with production activities and social life.
  4. Managing facilities and equipment of the faculty.
  5. Constructing lecturers of the Department; periodically evaluate lecturer’s abilities through academic activities, scientific researching  and teaching.


Address: Room 403, 4th floor, Headquarter Building, Thai Nguyen University-University of Information and Communication Technology
Tel: (0280) 6 255104
Head of Department: Assoc.Prof. Dr. Do Nang Toan