Faculty of Information Technology

Tasks of the Management Board of the Faculty of Information Technology


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Duties and Responsibilities

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Đỗ Đình Cường Vice Dean Overall in-charge of supervising the works of faculty members and activities of the IT department related to faculty trainings, testing and quality verification, organizing officials, competition and awards. ddcuong@ictu.edu.vn 0982.990.908


Quách Xuân Trưởng Vice Dean In-charge of monitoring the scientific research and international cooperation, political ideology education and student affairs, and facilities management. qxtruong@ictu.edu.vn 0989.090.832


Nguyễn Toàn Thắng Training Assistant Serves as assistant to the management board of the IT faculty and responsible for training activities and scientific researches of the department. ntthang@ictu.edu.vn 01672.114.855


Nguyễn Thu Hương Testing Assistant Also serves as assistant to the management board of the IT faculty and responsible for the activities relating to inspection, examination and education quality assurance. nthuong@ictu.edu.vn 0912.483.487

Duties and functions

Faculty of IT is the basis administrative management unit of ICTU. The faculty structure: the management, Council of science and training, departments and laboratories. It has the following duties:

      1. Building up the teaching programs and plans; implementing and managing the training process of specialists of the faculty and other education activities in the program, the school’s general teaching program;
      2. Organizing science and technology activities, developing domestic and international cooperation projects; Monitor and direct the implementation of state-level and ministry-level researches, managing grassroots level subjects; organizing scientific researching, fostering good students; developing the scale of student enrolling and training;
      3. Constructing plan and implementing educating of politic ideology, ethics, and lifestyle for staffs and students, training and retraining to constantly improve professional qualification in order to meet the requirements of professional training;
      4. Compilation and evaluating of textbooks and references for subjects in the curriculum;
      5. Guiding last year students to register exam and make graduation thesis; organizing exams, marking thesis and evaluating the studying results of students and trainees;
      6. Managing and using effectively properties of ICTU;
      7. Managing students to ensure political and order security among students;Conducting periodic assessments of the staff in the department to classify, organize work, to meet the high demand for training and scientific research.


Address: Room 312, 3rd floor, Headquarter Building, Thai Nguyen University-University of Information and Communication Technology
Tel: 0280 6 255110 – Fax: 0280 3 3846237
Email: congnghethongtin@ictu.edu.vn
Head of Faculty: Meritorious. Dr. Pham Viet Binh
Vice- head of Faculty: MSc. Do Dinh Cuong, MSc. Quach Xuan Truong