Faculty of Economic Information System

Tasks of the Management Board of the Faculty of  Economic Information System.


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Nguyễn Văn Huân


– Managing and controlling the overallactivities of the Faculty. Advising the Management Board of the University in development of Information and Communication Technology University.- Designingdevelopment strategies,and plans in all fields of the Faculty.- Managing and making staff planning for each stage of development and annual personel planning, staff target of the Faculty.

– Building and managing framework programs for all types of faculty trainings.

– Developing plans, proposals and monitoring facilities for teaching, scientific researches and training of the Faculty.





Mai Ngọc Anh Vice Dean – Assisting the Dean in designing program for the Faculty development.- Developing strategies, determining short, medium and long term plans on personel of the Faculty.- Building plans for training staff including the improvement and enhancement of their professional qualifications in the Faculty;

– Participating in planning, proposing and managing equipment for teaching, scientific research and training of the Faculty.

– Performing the other tasksassigned by the Management Board of the Faculty.




Vũ Xuân Nam Vice Dean – Assisting the Dean of the Faculty in designing program for the Faculty development.- Managing the quality and content of training methods (lectures, discipline execution, teaching methods)- Building strategic plan for scientific research and technology transfer, lectures, textbooks, test banks

– Supervising scientific research activities of teachers and students.

– Serveing as chair in organizing short-term training classes at the University.

– Keeping the faculty website  contents updated.

– Being responsible for student affairs of the Faculty.

– Organizing the faculty events (meetings, conferences, …)

– Directing the activities of the Youth Unionand Trade Union of the Faculty.




Nguyễn Văn Giáp Scientific and Training Assistant   Serves as assistant to the Dean in implementation of the scientific management of the faculty, which includes:- Counseling and organizing the base scientific activities and the students, and participation in organizing seminars for the faculty and divisions.The scientific and training assistant also assists the Dean in the conduct of trainings based on the plan, in the deployment of subject adjustments as per faculty and university plans, and in setting up training activities for the faculty.




Đinh Thị Nguyên Testing Assistant -Assisting the Dean in area of testing and education quality assurance, which includes:- Monitoring in building the teaching records as prescribed.
– Deploying class attendance plans.
– Assisting and counselling the Dean in registration, and in building test banks as prescribed.- Reporting professional knowledge activities.

– Building output standards.

– Assisting the Dead deploy and implement the work related to teaching and expertise.