The celebration for 67 traditional years of Vietnamese students

On 07 January, 2017 morning, ICTU Students’ Association has held the celebration of 67 traditional years of Vietnamese students and Vietnam Students’ Association foundation (01/09/1950 – 09/01/2017). This is a extensive training and propaganda chance to students on the traditional day of Vietnamese students and commended “Students of 5 good” at university level of the academic year 2015-2016.

Dr. Vu Duc Thai – Vice Rector of the university, Dr. Truong Ha Hai – President of the University Council, Dean of Faculty of Basic Sciences and lecturers belonging to the units in the field and many students was attended the celebration.

Addressing the opening ceremony, Mr. Nguyen Van Viet – President of ICTU Students’ Association traditionally reviewed the history, the development of Vietnam Students’ Association and appreciated the sacrifices and contributions of generations of Vietnamese students. On this occasion, the ICTU students’ Association officially launched a special emulation campaign from January to March, 2017 to celebrate the events: the celebration of the establishment of the university (30/3/2011 – 30/3/ 2017) etc.

Also at the ceremony, the students were awarded a certificate for “Students of 5 good” for 28 outstanding students and 05 rewards for collectives, 68 individuals with outstanding achievements in the work of associations and movements 2016. At the same time 04 students of K15 were awarded study promotion scholarships for especially difficult circumstances.

Some images of the celebrations:

hoi sinh vien 1

hoi sinh vien 2

hoi sinh vien 3

hoi sinh vien 4

hoi sinh vien 5

hoi sinh vien 6

hoi sinh vien 7

hoi sinh vien 8