VLIR-UOS Belgium Checked and took over VLIR phase 2 at ICTU

VLIR-UOS is a department under the Flemish inter-university Council, which is the organization responsible for managing the cooperation program funds for universities for development funded by the Belgium Development Agency. In 2014, the VILR phase 2 “Applying wireless sensor networks in agriculture: a hydroponic greenhouse as student lab and research environment for improving the quality of vegetable cultivation in the north of Vietnam” applied by ICTU was approved by VLIR-UOS with the funding of 71.058 euros.
After nearly 02 years of implementation, from 24 – 26 October, 2016, VLIR-UOS expert team led by Mr. Joeri Gerrits – Coordinating Director of VLIR returned to ICTU to check and take over the obtained results of VILR phase 2, and discussed directions for proposing VILR phase 3.
During the project, ICTU has collaborated closely with TNU-University of Agriculture and Forestry to carry out the project well and transferred the technology of the project to apply in Dinh Hoa district, Thai Nguyen. From the original funding support of VLIR-UOS, ICTU had invested and extended the project at the larger scale for meeting the task of training and scientific research for faculty and students.

Mr. Joeri Gerrits and colleagues empirically examining the project in the area of greenhouse

Within the framework of a working visit in ICTU, VLIR-UOS expert team examined and accepted project results after 02 years of implementation in the area of ICTU greenhouse, and visited the outdoor vegetable growing area in Dinh Hoa district.
Noting the fruitful results of the project, Mr. Joeri Gerrits congratulated ICTU project team for successfully completing the set forth project objectives. The applied products of the project has been tested and checked with good reviews. With highly applicable in agriculture, Mr. Joeri Gerrits desired in the near future will continue to cooperate with the university to strengthen the investment of up to 300.000-400.000 euros and can develop more useful applications.


Mr. Joeri Gerrits appreciating and accepting the results of VILR phase 2.

With the effort of project team, so far the project has received great attention of the leadership of Thai Nguyen University and Thai Nguyen province. In future ICT University will be invested into development centers for high-tech applications in agriculture in the North in particular and in the country in general.


VLIR-UOS expert team taking photos with the ICTU project team.