The delagation of Lao Embassy to visit and work at ICTU

On 30 – 31March, 2018, a delegation from the Embassy of Laos paid a working visit to University of Information and Communications Technology (ICTU). The visit was led by Ambassador Viengsay Dalaphen accompanied by Mr. Ampavanh Kouangmanivanh – Counselor of Culture and Education Department, Mr. Outhay Bannavong – Vice Counselor of Culture and Education Department, Mr. Nguyen Hong Luyen – Director, Center for Supporting International Students under Ministry of Education and Training (MoET), and Mr. Tran Dai Thang – Head of Management Department of for Supporting International Students under MoET.

Welcoming the delegation, on the side of the university, there were Dr. Nguyen Van Tao – Secretary of Party Committee, Rector, Dr. Vu Duc Thai – Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee, Vice Rector and representatives of some departments of the university.

At the meeting, the two sides exchanged and discussed measures to coordinate in the management of Lao students who are studying at ICTU. Then, the delagates paid a visit to see the facilities for training and the learning environment of Lao students in ICTU. On this occasion, the delegation of Lao PDR took part in a friendly football match with the ICTU’s football team, tightening the spirit of solidarity and friendship between two nations: Vietnam – Laos.

Some photos of the visit:

doan cong tac lao tham va lam viec tai ictu 1

Dr. Nguyen Van Tao – Rector giving present to Mr. Ampavanh Kouangmanivanh – Culture and Education Counsellor

Touring around the campus

Visiting the restaurant owned and start-up by a Lao student

The football match between delegates with the ICTU’s football team

Taking memorial photos