Recruitment and Job Consultation Day 2017

In the morning 10 May, 2017, the “Recruitment and Job Consultation Day 2017” was officially opened and took place at Multifunctional Library – University of Information Technology and Telecommunication (ICTU). This is an annual activity of the university aimed at introducing high quality employment sources to students, especially to final year students who are going to graduate soon as well as to create direct exchange forum between students and employers, helping them find and orient their work in line with their abilities. At the same time, it aims to create the effective connection between the recruiters and the potential source of qualified labor coming from ICTU.

tu van viec lam 2017 1
The Opening Ceremony of Recruitment and Job Consultation Day 2017

This event has attracted the attention and presence of representatives of many prestigious companies and enterprises in and out of the province to attend the event such as Viettel Telecom Corporation, Thai Nguyen Branch, MELIA SOFT JSC Hanoi, VNPT – Vinaphone Thuy Nguyen Branch, FPT Telecom Thai Nguyen Branch, Hanoi DKT Technology Joint Stock Company, Hanoi 1VS Company …

tu van viec lam 2017 2
Representatives of JSC DKT introducing the business and recruitment opportunities

Joining this event, the students have been counseled, introduced the current job vacancies and recruitment needs in the coming time of the business. Then, students have many options in the field of industry appropriate to their profession which has been trained as well as find positions suitable to their aspirations and capabilities.

tu van viec lam 2017 3
Students taking interviews at the recruitment desk of the business

At the same time, businesses offer specific recruitment information, receive applications, interviews, assess capacity and find the most suitable talent candidates. They have the opportunity to show their abilities and apply for positions as attractive as: Information Technology Engineer, Communications and Computer Engineer, Software Engineering Engineer, Sales staff, programmers … For undergraduate students will be reserved the results of interviews to become official employees of the enterprise after graduation. During that time, businesses are welcoming students to apply for internships, apprenticeship and collaboration in part-time jobs.

tu van viec lam 2017 4

The “Recruitment and Job Consultation Day 2017” has truly become an effective bridge for students to navigate and find jobs that fit their abilities and the information and requirements of their graduates. The recruiters is the basis for adjusting the content of training towards the close connection between the university and enterprises, between enterprises and learners in order to create high quality human resources to meet the demand for resources for the northern midland and mountainous regions in particular and in the whole country in general.