Online Seminar with Kyungpook National University, Korea to implement the Twinning Training Program for the Academic Year 2020 – 2021

On the morning of September 10, 2020, at University of Information Technology and Communication (ICTU), an online seminar to implement international twinning training program for the academic year 2020 – 2020 with Kyungpook National University, Korea (KNU) was held. Attending the seminar there were Prof. Seok-Joo Koh – Director of the School of Computer Science and Technology (SCSE@KNU); Prof. Sung-Ki Lee – Chair of International Affairs Committee; Prof. Jeong-Hong Kim – Coordinator for Twinning Program in SCSE; Prof. Kyu-Cheol Cho – a professor of KNU and a Vietnamese student at KNU. As for ICTU, there was the attendance of Dr. Vu Duc Thai – Vice Rector; Dr. Nguyen Hai Minh – Dean of Faculty of Information Technology with the international training program coordination group; an lecturers participating in teaching first year subjects in the twinning program.

An overviewof the seminar at ICTU

International twinning program between ICTU and KNU is a joint training program in which graduates of this program will be conferred 02 university degrees: Bachelor of Computer Science and Software Engineering from KNU and Degree of Engineer in Software Engineering from ICTU. In 2020, KNU is ranked No. 1 in Korea in terms of student quality. After graduation, KNU pledges to support and introduce students to Korean businesses to be recruited and sign employment contracts. On the side of ICTU, the university also signed with Samsung Electronics Vietnam Co. Ltd., to support the recruitment of graduates from this program to work in Vietnam.

ICTU and KNU representatives discussing online

At the seminar, representatives of the two institutions discussed and agreed on four main contents, including: adjusting some subjects in the curriculum framework to meet the competency standards of learners and keep up with the development of the Industrial Era 4.0; sharing teaching experience and learning materials; teaching plan of KNU professors at ICTU; organize an online exchange seminar between KNU, ICTU and candidates and their families to study the program. At the seminar, ICTU also introduced lecturers participating teaching subjects in the first year.

In a serious working atmosphere, the seminar took place successfully, helping ICTU students to participate in the program have the opportunity to receive 02 university degrees and find jobs in large enterprises both in Vietnam and abroad after graduating from the program.