Joint training program between ICTU and KNU

Joint training program between University of Information and Communication Technology (ICTU) and Kyungpook National University – Korea (KNU) was approved to enroll the first course from 2020 with the quota of 25 students. Enrolled into this program, students will study in 02 phases:

+ Phase I: Students study for the first 3 years (06 semesters) at ICTU. The medium of instructions is English except for some specific subjects that taught in Vietnamese. The curriculum includes: 38 subjects with a total of 113 credits (of which the number of compulsory subjects: 32 subjects accounting for 95 credits; the number of elective subjects: 06 subjects accounting for 18 credits). In Vietnam, there are also some subjects taught by KNU professors.

+ Phase II: Students continue to study for the last 01 year (02 semesters) at KNU, Daegu city – South Korea ( The medium of instructions is English. curriculum includes 12 subjects with a total of 36 credits (including the graduation thesis).

Graduates of this program will receive 02 university degrees: Bachelor of Computer Science & Software Engineering of KNU and Engineer Degree of Software Engineering of ICTU.

If at the end of phase I, students do not want to go to KNU to study phase 2, they will study additional equivalent subjects to receive 01 degree of Software Engineering of ICTU (like other students studying at ICTU).

The delegation of ICTU paying a working visit to build a joint training program at KNU

KNU also accepts 4-year full-time students in Korea, but with high academic results, high English proficiency and large living and studying costs.


Green, modern campus of KNU

During the first phase of studying at ICTU, students can participate in the integration activities with international students who come to exchange and practice at the university. Students have the opportunity to go abroad and participate in extracurricular programs (during the summer holidays) at ICTU’s partners in Korea, Taiwan, Japan … Students with good academic results will be granted scholarships from businesses, governmental organizations, non-governmental organizations and other scholarships (scholarships of Samsung Electronics Vietnam up to 64 million VND / person)

Compared to the 04-year full-time program at KNU, students participating in this program have more favorable conditions like having time to get acquainted with the international study environment before studying abroad in Korea. During the 3 years of studying at ICTU, it also significantly reduces the cost of accommodation and travel compared to studying at KNU (the cost in Korea is about 350 USD / month)

Graduates of this program have the opportunity to easily find jobs in Korea and other countries around the world. By 2020 KNU is ranked # 1 in Korea for the students’ employability. After graduation, KNU will support and introduce students to businesses in Korea to recruit and sign work contracts.

The national and the world ranking of KNU in training and meeting recruitment needs (source

ICTU has a program signed with Samsung Electronics Vietnam to recruit graduates from this program to work in Vietnam.

When studying at ICTU, students are given priority to stay in modern spacious dormitories with preferential prices of 200,000 VND / month / student; The room has an area of 30 m2, ensuite bathroom, and 04 students in a room. There are VIP rooms with the air-conditioner, water heater, at a price of about VND 400,000 / month / student.