ICTU students won first prize in the national competition: Start-up Student Ideas

In the evening of March 18, three ICTU students won the first prize of the Start-up Student Ideas competition with the Smart Water project.

From the fact that water plants in the current management and business need a large number of human resources to check water quality, water consumption index, household payment collection, a group of students of University of Information and Communication Technology (ICTU) has designed a system that can replace people doing these tasks. These devices connect to each other and display parameters to a website.

Visit the website, the factory can control the quality of water, the situation of selling water, receive feedback from the households. Consumers also know how standard the water consumed by them is, how much water they used in a month and how they can pay online. This will save significant cost for the water plants, and consumers will also see the transparency in water purchases.

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ICTU student group being granted the 1st prize

With the activeness and self-implementation from the design of hardware components, software development for data collection, data management, activeness in the introduction of products to potential customers, their products has been rated highly applicable, catching up with future trends, IoT trends, all devices are connected to the Internet, Smart Water has won over 14 projects in the finals Start-up Student Ideas to win the first prize.

The student group received a reward of VND 50 million and a project investment cost of VND 500 million. The champion will experience 7-day training visit in San Francisco (USA) – the starting point of the world.

Mr. Nguyen Minh Triet, Head of School Youth Committee (Central Youth Union), evaluated the projects are very diverse, highly applicable. It’s more importantly that in those projects, not only do students want to start a business, enrich themselves, but also want to solve the problems of society, contribute to the economy of the country.