ICTU signed a cooperation agreement with Directorate General of Technical Vocational Education and Training of The Ministry of Labour and Vocational Training (MLVT), Cambodia and institutions under supervision of MLVT

On July 29, 2019, the 20-member delegation of Directorate General of Technical Vocational Education and Training of The Ministry of Labour and Vocational Training (MLVT)led by Mr. Hing Sideth – General Director of Vocational Education and Training Department and leaders of 8 institutions visited and worked at University of Information and Communication Technology (ICTU).

Welcoming and working with the delegation, there were Dr. Nguyen Van Tao – Secretary of Party Committee, Rector; Assoc. Prof. Dr. Pham Viet Binh – Former Rector; Dr. Truong Ha Hai – Chairman of University Council; Dr. Vu Duc Thai – Deputy Secretary of Party Committee, Vice Rector; Dr. Do Dinh Cuong – Vice Rector and leaders of departments and faculties of the university.

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An overview of meeting

At the meeting, Dr. Nguyen Van Tao welcomed the delegation to work at ICTU and stressed that in the past years, ICTU has always been interested in international cooperation, especially with Cambodia. During the visit and work of the delegation at ICTU this time, ICTU hopes that two parties will coordinate to introduce ICTU to Cambodian people to attract students to study at ICTU. Besides, the two parties will coordinate in the survey of the demand for information technology application in managing and operating schools and education systems of MLVT so that they can build the information technology application system for management.

On behalf of the Cambodian delegation, Mr. Hing Sideth introduced Cambodia and emphasized the areas that the Cambodian government has focused on in the near future, such as developing human resources, improving the quality of higher education, science and technology, diversifying the economy and developing the private sector and businesses. To support the efforts of the government, MLVT has implemented many contents, with priority given to training in information technology. Mr. Hing Sideth also expressed his hope that the visit would promote the cooperation between the two parties, contributing to the training of highly qualified human resources of Cambodia.

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ICTU signed a memorandum of cooperation with MLVT

The two parties discussed the cooperation contents and clarified the incentives that ICTU supports for Cambodian international students while studying at the university and signed a memorandum of cooperation with MLVT and 8 institutions under MLVT. Accordingly, ICTU will coordinate in the organization of culture and sports exchanges for Cambodian students to participate in exchanges with international students at ICTU, Thai Nguyen University and Thai Nguyen province.  For formal full-time and top-up undergraduate program, students will receive a 75% discount on tuition; for masters training programs, students will receive a 50% reduction of tuition; and for Vietnamese language courses, if the number of students is 20 or more, students will only have to pay 50% of tuition.

MLVT will introduce information about ICTU, enrollment announcement and ICTU’s training programs to high school students and students at colleges and universities in Cambodia; recruit Cambodian students to study at ICTU and support Cambodian students to complete immigration procedures to study in Vietnam. 

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Taking memorial photos In the afternoon of the same day, the delegation visited the campus and the university’s facilities.

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Visiting labs