ICTU established the cooperation with the Open University of Hong Kong

In order to expand the ties in joint training programs, culture and academic exchanges, from 22 – 25 October, 2016 the delegation from the Open University of Hong Kong (OUHK) – China visited and worked at University of Information and Communication Technology (ICTU).

ouhk 1

The members of OUHK delegation taking memorial photos with ICTU leaders.

In the first 02 days (22 – 23 October, 2016), OUHK delegation including 02 faculty members and 20 students from Faculty of Electronics Technology had the interesting experience during the visits to the scenic spots in Thai Nguyen province.

On the 3rd working day at ICTU (24 October, 2016), ICTU and OUHK delegation had a meeting. Then, the OUHK delegation took a tour around the ICTU campus and the labs, and interacted with students at each destinations.

Besides, the delegation also participated in a series of exciting events taking place at ICTU, such as academic exchanges through seminars specialized in electronics technology between the two universities. Students from OUHK shared and discussed with ICTU faculty members and students about the activities of IEEE students; participated in culture exchange night with other foreign students at ICTU.

ouhk 2

Dr. Kevin Hung and Dr. Vu Duc Thai signing the cooperation documents

In the next working day, the two sides agreed to cooperate in planning the joint training programs to seek the best opportunities to study abroad for students of Electronics and Communications Technology – ICTU at Open University of Hong Kong. Ending the meeting, Dr. Kevin Hung and Dr. Vu Duc Thai – Vice Rector of ICTU represented the two sides to sign a memorandum of training cooperation between the two universities.

The first friendly visit of OUHK at ICTU took place successfully, opened up new opportunities for cooperation in joint training, academic exchanges, and culture exchanges between the two universities. This is an important basis for the next time, the two sides could expand cooperation in training on different fields.

Some activities of OUHK delegation at ICTU:

ouhk 3

Visiting the Samsung Lab

ouhk 4

Visiting Electronics and Communications Lab

ouhk 5

Dr. Kevin Hung conducting the seminar on the topic: Recent Developments in Mobile Health & Wearable Sensors

ouhk 6

Taking part in the discussion and exchange

ouhk 7

Performing the cultural acts during the Culture Exchange Night