ICTU delegation paid a working visit to Kyungpook National University and Gumi University, Korea

From October 17 to 20, 2018, ICTU delegation led by Dr. Vu Duc Thai – Vice Rector visited and worked at the two partner educational institutions in South Korea namely Kyungpook National University (KNU) and Gumi University (GU). These two partners signed a memorandum of understanding with ICTU in August 2018 to promote international cooperation in training and exchange of lecturers and students.

During two working days at KNU, Dr. Sang Dong Kim, KNU president and key leaders warmly welcomed the ICTU delegation.

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Dr. Sang Dong Kim President of KNU (right) and Dr. Vu Duc Thai (left) at the presidential office

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KNU leaders taking photos with ICTU delegation

After discussing in details, the two sides agreed to complete the curriculum for twinning program in Computer Science and Engineering (KNU) and Bachelor of Software Engineering (ICTU), and agreed on the financial contents, assigning trainers and signing international training agreements between KNU and ICTU. It is expected that the program will commence in 2019-2020. At the end of the program, students will be conferred 02 degrees from KNU and ICTU.

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Meeting session between KNU and ICTU

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Kyungpook National University campus, South Korea

During the working session with Gumi University, Head of International Cooperation Department, Dr. Youngil Seo, on behalf of the Gumi leadership warmly welcomed the ICTU delegation to GU. The two sides discussed and unified the implementation of joint training programs based on model 1 + 2 or 2 + 1 in the fields of Electronics Engineering, Software Engineering, and Smart Management. GU committed to support ICTU to develop Korean language curriculum and teaching materials for eligible ICTU students to participate in the above-mentioned affiliated programs. In addition, GU and ICTU will maintain annual cultural exchanges to help strengthen the relationship between the two sides.

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The representatives from GU and ICTU exchanging souvenirs


ICTU delegation visiting GU campus


ICTU delegation visits the lab for communications signals inspection at GU