ICTU conducted a training workshop on “E-commerce in Digital Economy”

On the morning of May 17, Faculty of Economic Information Systems, under University of Information and Communications Technology ICTU) in cooperation with the Department of E-Commerce and Digital Economy – Ministry of Industry and Commerce, Interspace Vietnam Co., Ltd. and DKT Technology Joint Stock Company organized a seminar and a training workshop on “E-commerce in the Digital Economy”.

Attending the workshop, there were Mr. Dang Hoang Hai – Director of Department of E-Commerce and Economy, Mr. Do Huu Hung – CEO of Interspace Vietnam Co., Ltd ., Mr. Nguyen Duc Ha – Sapo Sales Manager of DKT Technology Joint Stock Company. As for ICTU, there were Dr. Do Dinh Cuong – Vice Rector, Dr. Vu Vinh Quang – Former Vice Rector and leaders of some departments, faculties and students of E-commerce major.

tap huan thuong mai dien tu 1

An overview of the training workshop

The opening remarks by Dr. Do Dinh Cuong emphasized that e-commerce is the trend of the globalization era and also a potential field in the future. One of the strategic goals of the university in the future is to connect with businesses, ordered training and social needs. Therefore, Dr. Do Dinh Cuong expects ICTU and its units to continue to develop cooperative relationships, improve the quality of education, ensure that graduates have the necessary knowledge and skills to meet the recruitment requirements.

Dr. Do Dinh Cuong giving his opening remarks.

After the opening session of the university’s leaders, the representatives of E-commerce and Digital Economy, Interspace Vietnam Co., Ltd and DKT Technology Joint Stock Company shared an overview on the construction and operation of the online business system, the trend of e-commerce in 2018, tool linking marketing applied e-commerce knowledge effectively and sharing opportunities for students with e-commerce. In addition, officers, lecturers and students were also trained on online import and export activities, how to do business on online import and export.

Speakers sharing his viewpoints at the workshop

Through the workshop, each staff, lecturer and students improved their professional quality, contributed to strengthening the cooperation and cooperation between ICTU and enterprises.

Taking memorial photographs