Gala for Welcoming New Students and Halloween Party 2020

On the evening of October 31, 2020, at ICTU, the Gala for welcoming K19 New Students and Halloween Party 2020 – one of the most expected events of the year, attracting a large number of students to participate took place. The program created a healthy, rewarding and new playground for students, and at the same time serves as a bridge to help students exchange experience with one another through event activities.

Event overview



The ghost gardens

Right from the morning of October 31, the atmosphere of Halloween Festival 2020 became more bustling than ever before when ICTU teachers and students were eager to complete the preparations for the upcoming Halloween night, especially the “ghost gardens” of the youth units around the area of the ICTU Lake. The event was meticulously invested and prepared with modern sound and lighting systems, majestic stages, colorful, spooky and impressive with Halloween features. All were ready for a night of fun and exciting performances.



The event started at exactly 19:30 with the special performances performed by ICTU students.

The representative of Mai Linh Thai Nguyen One Member Co., Ltd. giving gifts to ICTU students

Next came the Halloween costumes designed by the students combined with the spooky and creepy sounds resounded to create an impressive Halloween atmosphere right at the ICTU stage.

The festival’s atmosphere became more vibrant and excited with special and excellent performances performed by dancers, singers, music band, musicians and ICTU students. Along with fanciful sound effects and light, the performances were extremely impressive.

The organizers awarded prizes to the competition teams. K19B TKDH class was awarded the first prize, K19B TMDT class won the second prize, TKĐH K19A, HCVP K17B, CNTĐH K18A and ĐTVT K18B classes all won the third prize for the ghost garden category. In the costume show contest, the organizers awarded first prize to the youth unit of Faculty of Economic Information System, second prize for the youth units of Faculty of Automation Technology and Faculty Multimedia Communication, and third prize for the youth units of Faculty of Information Technology and Faculty of Electronic and Communications Technology.

“Burning hard” to his fullest with the music

The event left an indelible mark in the hearts of every ICTU students with the excitement of DJs and electronic music stirring up the jubilant atmosphere of the festival, bringing all the excitement and enthusiasm for all participants. All created a memorable and colorful festival.