Feng Chia University, Taiwan paid a working visit to ICTU

In the framework of cooperation program between ICTU and Feng Chia University (FCU) – Taiwan, from 25 -26 August, 2016 FCU delegation visited and worked at ICTU, signed a cooperation agreement on 3 + 2 joint training program.

The FCU delegation includes GS. Pei Liu – Head of Office of International Affairs and Prof. Ching Hwa Cheng – Dean of Faculty of Electronics Technology of College of Electrical and Information Engineering.

Dr. Vu Duc Thai – Deputy Party Secretary, Vice Rector together with Deans of Faculty of Electronics and Communications Technology, Faculty of Basic Science, and Head of Division of Science – Technology and International Cooperation welcomed and worked with the FCU delegation.

In the first working day 25 August, 2016, the two sides agreed on the content of the 3 + 2 joint training program and signed the written training cooperation agreement. Accordingly, the students of Faculty of Electronics and Communications Technology when joining the program will spend the first 3 years of study in ICTU and the next 2 years in FCU. Students studying in FCU will receive help from the lecturers who are studying here as well as assistance with housing, part-time job seeking, and 10% of participating students will receive FCU scholarships and after graduation they will be conferred degree issued by FCU.

ictu fcu

Dr. Vu Duc Thai and Prof. Pei Liu – signed the training cooperation agreement

 Shortly after the successful signing of cooperation documents between the ICTU and the FCU, the university held a meeting with all ICTU students of cohort 15 (K15) in the multifunctional library to introduce the 3 + 2 joint training program. In the meeting, Prof. Pei Liu introduced to the students a brief profile of FCU through a video clip with the modern learning environment, full equipment for research and extracurricular activities that students will be engaged in while studying in FCU.

ictu fcu 2

Prof. Pei Liu introducing FCU to students

Subsequently, Prof. Ching Hwa Cheng had a presentation on the process of design, manufacture and application of electronic chip – an outstanding content in training programs of Faculty of Electronics Technology, FCU.

After learning about the new joint training program, the students participated in the survey into wishes to participate in the abovementioned training program, which set a new direction in order to achieve sufficient learning results such as GPA and the foreign language proficiency as required in the first 3 years of study in ICTU.

ictu fcu 3

Multifunctional library where the introduction program was held

In the second working day 26 August, 2016, Prof. Cheng Ching Hwa chaired the seminar on the study of biomedical electronic systems and discussed with the ICTU faculty members and students. This is the general trend of the entire academic world as well as basic research platform in FCU.

ictu fcu 4

Prof. Ching Hwa Cheng – Dean, Faculty of Electronics Technology, FCU

In recent years, FCU is an important partner and given the first priority in the direction of international integration of the university. This working visit of the FCU delegates has officially opened the opportunity for the students to study in an international environment as well as strengthen ties of friendship bond, and the basis for the long-term development of both sides