Celebration of Lao New Year – Bunpimay 2560 – 2017 in ICTU

On the occasion of Lao New Year – Bunpimay 2560 – 2017, and toward the 55th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations, the 40th anniversary of the signing of the Vietnam-Laos Friendship Agreement, on 11 April, 2017, Thai Nguyen People’s Committee, Thai Nguyen Province’s Vietnam-Laos Friendship Association has cooperated with ICTU to hold a friendship meeting to welcome the Lao traditional new year – Bunpimay for Lao students living and studying in universities and schools in Thai Nguyen province.

Attending the program, there were delegates from Lao Embassy in Vietnam, Thai Nguyen People’s Committee, Thai Nguyen province’s Vietnam-Laos Friendship Association, representatives of city leaders, departments, districts in the province. Besides, there were delegates from Thai Nguyen University, member universities and a large number of Lao-Cambodian students.

The Lao traditional new year, Bunpimay, is also known as the Water Festival – a long tradition that wishes for the New Year to be prosperous, and bring prosperity and sprout. Bunpimay usually takes place in three days from April 14 to 16 annually according to the Buddhist calendar. In these days, the Lao people perform a lot of rituals, such as water splashing, tying wrist, building sand tower, releasing, picking fresh flowers with wishes for the blessing in the New Year.

In harmony with the atmosphere of new year festival and encouraging the Lao students studying in Thai Nguyen who cannot return their families, friends and brothers, the meeting with variety of joyful activities was held to welcome the Lao New Year in Laos for students who are away from home but still have a joyful warm festival, full of national identity. Mr. Vilason Doungphachanh, a Lao student studying at ICTU, said: “Today, despite studying far from home, my dear neighbor, I participated in the traditional festival Bunpimay, which bring me the warm warm feelings as in home.

On this occasion, Mr. Trinh Viet Hung – Vice Chairman of Thai Nguyen People’s Committee sent best wishes to all Lao students living and studying in the province and gave more than 200 gifts to outstanding Lao students.

Some images of the event:

buntimay 1

buntimay 2

buntimay 3

Welcome cultural acts performed by Lao and Vietnamese students

buntimay 4

Mr. Nguyen Doan Kinh – Chairman of Thai Nguyen province’s Vietnam-Laos Friendship Association giving opening speech

buntimay 5

Mr. Trinh Viet Hung giving congratulatory flowers to Representative leader of Lao Embassy in Vietnam

buntimay 6

Mr. Trinh Viet Hung giving gifts for Lao students

buntimay 7

buntimay 8

buntimay 9

Tying wrist rituals